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Ex works

The microscopic comparison is based on a high-quality Solingen standard kitchen knife ex works.


Corresponds to the result with the HORL®2

Planetary gear forthree
three times the speed

Von aussen weitestgehend mit gewohnter Form verbirgt der HORL®2 PRO sein großes Geheimnis im Inneren. Mit einem hochpräzisen innenliegendem Planetengetriebe wird durch einfache Rollbewegung eine dreifache Schleifbewegung erzeugt.

Grinding Disc

The HORL® Diamond Standard is the ideal surface for efficiently sharpening all knife steels of any hardness without water. The 46µm grain size enables an optimal sharpening result and guarantees a long service life.

Honing Wheel

After using the HORL® diamond standard, the ceramic honing wheel significantly refines the grinding result. Only a few movements are needed for this. The result is a smooth, clean and perfectly sharpened knife edge.

20° grinding angle
for a stable sharpness

The 20° grinding angle is the ultimate all-purpose weapon in the fight against blunt knives. It even provides many pocket knives with a stable cutting edge and excellent sharpness for everyday use.

15° grinding angle
for maximum sharpness

With the 15° grinding angle, exceptionally fine blades made of damask and high-quality carbon steel attain maximum sharpness. These knife edges can be sharpened very delicately and maintain their stability.


The HORL® Diamond Standard is the most durable and most efficient abrasive on the market. The monocrystalline diamonds are harder than any knife steel and are fixed using a galvanic process to approx. 55% in a nickel bed.

The Magnetic-Angle-Support
The Secret to the Perfect Angle

The combination of strong neodymium magnets and the HORL® S-Pad make it possible to securely fix the knife during grinding. Strengthened by the anti-slip effect of the S-Pads, even small blades of any height can be consistently and reproducibly sharpened.

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