HORL 2 Cruise

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Ex works

The microscopic comparison is based on a high-quality Solingen standard kitchen knife ex works.


Corresponds to the result with the HORL®2

Grinding Disc

The HORL® Diamond Standard is the ideal surface for efficiently sharpening all knife steels of any hardness without water. The 46µm grain size enables an optimal sharpening result and guarantees a long service life.

Stainless Steel
Honing Disc

After the sharpening process the Stainless Steel Honing Disc smoothens the blade and remove any burr with the help of its integrated grooves. Just a few movements are needed.

20° grinding angle
for a stable sharpness

The 20° grinding angle is the ultimate all-purpose weapon in the fight against blunt knives. It even provides many pocket knives with a stable cutting edge and excellent sharpness for everyday use.


The HORL® Diamond Standard is the most durable and most efficient abrasive on the market. The monocrystalline diamonds are harder than any knife steel and are fixed using a galvanic process to approx. 55% in a nickel bed.

The Magnetic-Angle-Support
The Secret to the Perfect Angle

The combination of strong neodymium magnets and the HORL® S-Pad make it possible to securely fix the knife during grinding. Strengthened by the anti-slip effect of the S-Pads, even small blades of any height can be consistently and reproducibly sharpened.

One Solution.   Extensive Variety.

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